Box Office Crash for Anti-Pakistan Film ‘Fighter’ on Fifth Day

Web DeskFebruary 1, 2024
Box Office Crash for Anti-Pakistan Film 'Fighter' on Fifth Day

Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan’s latest film, “Fighter,” faced a downturn at the box office, with Indian media labeling it a flop a week after its release. Despite a positive start and global box office leadership during its initial weekend, the film experienced a significant decline on the fifth day, recording an estimated collection of only INR70-80 million.

This marks nearly a 70% drop from its opening day and an over 82% decline from its second day. As of the fifth day, “Fighter’s” total earnings are approximately INR1.30 billion, raising concerns about its ability to reach the INR2 billion mark in India, given its reported INR2.50 billion budget.

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At the worldwide box office, “Fighter” stands at an estimated INR2.15 billion, making it Hrithik Roshan’s second consecutive flop after “Vikram Vedha” in 2022. For Deepika Padukone, it signals the end of her successful streak at the box office, which began with “Pathaan” last year. Initial reviews have presented a nuanced tapestry of critiques, blending disappointment with concerns over the film’s handling of sensitive themes.

Some critics have expressed deep disappointment, calling it “one of the most offensive, insulting, disgusting, manipulative pieces of propaganda” that distorts facts and instigates hatred among communities. The film’s controversial content and divided opinions may shape its success and reception as audiences continue to engage with its themes.

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