British-Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed shares his point of view on Gaza

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Riz Ahmed, the Emmy Award-winning British-Pakistani actor, has chosen to speak out and draw attention to the dire situation in Palestine. The ‘Nimona’ actor opened a detailed statement on his social media platforms by highlighting the power of storytelling in taking the audience on a journey.

“As storytellers, we step into the shoes of others and invite our audiences to join us on that journey. This approach is effective because, beneath our differences, we all share the same emotions of fear, joy, grief, and hope. Stories succeed because there is no ‘us’ and ‘them.’ There is only ‘us.’ Any narrative that suggests otherwise, that some people are not like us, is a falsehood.”

In response to the persistently one-sided narrative in the media, the actor emphasized that innocent lives are being lost.

“What is currently transpiring in Gaza, and the ongoing situation in Palestine under occupation for decades, is deeply distressing and unjust. The depth and authenticity of this suffering cannot be overlooked.

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By focusing on only one perspective, we risk descending further into darkness, which is precisely what is happening now. We are being asked to avert our eyes while the residents of Gaza, half of whom are children, are running out of time.

If we stand for humanity, we must urgently raise our voices and work to prevent the loss of innocent lives. This involves calling for an end to the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza’s civilians and critical infrastructure, the withholding of food, water, and electricity, and the forced displacement of people from their homes. These actions are morally indefensible war crimes.”

Riz continued by stressing that it is now more crucial than ever for everyone to empathize with the people of Gaza “before we reach a point of no return.”

He concluded his statement by urging everyone to speak out because “remaining silent is not an option.”

“I will be sharing links on how you can provide support, analyses from experts of diverse backgrounds advocating for a just peace, and the voices of individuals on the ground.”

Here is the information he shared:

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