Bus and pick-up collision near Pindi Bhattian

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Bus and pick-up collision near Pindi Bhattian

A tragic incident unfolded on the Faisalabad Motorway near Pindi Bhattian, marking a grim day as 18 lives, including those of women and children, were lost. The calamity occurred when a passenger bus collided with a pickup truck laden with diesel drums, igniting a devastating fire. The ill-fated bus, carrying approximately 35 to 40 passengers from Karachi to Islamabad, saw the lives of both vehicle drivers taken away. Immediate action was taken to transport the injured, numbering 15, to medical facilities in Pindi Bhattian and Faisalabad Hospital, under the watchful eye of the medical superintendent.

The tragic collision transpired at around 4 am near the Pindi-Bhattian Interchange. Initial reports from District Police Officer (DPO) Dr Fahad indicated that the collision was initiated by the bus striking the pickup that was carrying highly flammable cargo. In the heart-wrenching aftermath, the bus was rapidly engulfed in flames, worsening the catastrophe. Local residents exhibited bravery by swiftly responding to the scene, breaking windows to rescue passengers trapped within the burning bus. Among the injured, four individuals were in a critical condition and were swiftly admitted to the hospital for immediate treatment.

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The somber incident has left 18 families mourning the loss of their loved ones, and the process of identification is poised to be undertaken through DNA testing. This tragic occurrence adds to the troubling statistics of highway accidents that have claimed numerous lives over time. In response to the incident, motorway authorities were compelled to temporarily close two lanes of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway in June, leaving only one lane open for traffic to ensure safety and facilitate investigation.

In a separate yet equally sorrowful event in July, five lives were lost, including a woman and two minors, with 20 others suffering injuries as a bus overturned in Punjab’s Rajanpur district. The bus, which was carrying devotees of a Sufi saint, was on its return journey from Sakhi Sarwar to Jacobabad when the driver’s fatigue led to the loss of control and subsequent overturning of the vehicle. These distressing incidents continue to highlight the pressing need for enhanced road safety measures and driver awareness to prevent such tragic occurrences in the future.

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