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Government Accuses PTI of ‘Sabotaging’ IMF Deal

Government Accuses PTI of 'Sabotaging' IMF Deal

The Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Ataullah Tarar, expressed concerns on Friday over what he described as attempts by a faction within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to undermine Pakistan’s crucial deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Tarar emphasized the importance of the IMF agreement for Pakistan’s economic stability.


His comments came after IMF officials refused to accept a letter from the PTI during a protest outside the IMF’s offices in Washington. The letter, addressed to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, called for withholding further financial assistance to Pakistan until allegations of rigging were investigated by an independent body.

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While the protest was organized by a human rights group called First Pakistan Global, the majority of participants were PTI supporters. They engaged with IMF officials and circulated pamphlets detailing their grievances, particularly regarding democracy and governance issues.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill, a former chief of staff to Prime Minister Imran Khan, criticized the IMF for allegedly cooperating with the establishment and called for responsible use of funds by the government. Sajjad Barki, a senior PTI leader from Texas, urged the IMF to fulfill its promise of promoting democracy in Pakistan, highlighting previous discussions with IMF representatives.

In Islamabad, Minister Tarar condemned the protest, accusing PTI activists of attempting to sabotage the IMF deal. He stressed that Pakistan was committed to progress and urged PTI to pursue legal avenues for their concerns, emphasizing that the IMF and World Bank were not involved in Imran Khan’s legal cases.

Tarar urged PTI to refrain from actions detrimental to the country’s economy, reaffirming the government’s dedication to solving national issues and fostering prosperity under the leadership of the Prime Minister. The statements underscore tensions within PTI regarding the IMF agreement and highlight the broader debate surrounding governance and democracy in Pakistan.