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Mobile Banking Users Increase by 8% to Reach 16 Million

Mobile Banking Users Increase by 8% to Reach 16 Million

In Pakpattan, what initially appeared to be a robbery resulting in the murder of a pregnant woman has taken a dramatic turn as the police uncovered the involvement of the victim’s husband in the crime.


Taimur Taj, the husband of the victim, Sidra Bibi, initially reported to the police that his wife was shot and killed by three unidentified assailants during a robbery attempt near village 21 EB Morr on Hota Road. However, upon further investigation, the police arrested Taj himself on suspicion of foul play.

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District Police Officer Captain (retd) Tariq Wilayat revealed that during interrogation, Taimur Taj confessed to orchestrating the entire incident, staging a robbery to cover up his wife’s murder. The couple was returning home from Arifwala after obtaining medicine. The family of the deceased has condemned the heinous act, attributing it to a domestic dispute. They called for justice to be served swiftly and decisively.

In recognition of their efforts in solving the case, DPO Pakpattan has announced commendations for the police team involved, including DSP Arifwala Malik Tariq Javed Awan and SHO Police Station Saddar Chaudhry Muhammad Waqas. This incident is not isolated, as property disputes in Punjab often escalate into deadly conflicts. In previous cases, such disputes have resulted in tragic outcomes, including the loss of lives.