Captain (Rtd) Anwar ul Haq Takes the Helm as Islamabad’s New Chief Commissioner

Web DeskAugust 22, 2023

In a notable development for the federal capital, Captain (Retired) Anwar ul Haq has assumed office as the new Chief Commissioner of Islamabad. This appointment brings with it the promise of fresh leadership and strategic vision for the city.

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Captain (Retired) Anwar ul Haq’s career spans years of dedicated service to the nation, making him a respected figure among his peers. His experience and expertise are expected to play a pivotal role in addressing the city’s diverse challenges and fostering its growth.

The role of Chief Commissioner in Islamabad is a significant one, overseeing the administration and governance of Pakistan’s capital. It involves a range of responsibilities, from urban planning and development to ensuring the welfare and security of the city’s residents.

Captain (Retired) Anwar ul Haq’s tenure as Chief Commissioner is met with optimism, as citizens and stakeholders look forward to his leadership in shaping Islamabad’s future. His insights and leadership style are anticipated to bring a positive impact to the city’s administration and services.

As Islamabad embarks on this new chapter under Captain (Retired) Anwar ul Haq’s guidance, expectations are high for a city that continues to evolve as a symbol of progress and development in Pakistan.

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