CDA demolished multiple illegal structures in Islamabad’s F-11

Web DeskJune 19, 20235282 min

Anti-encroachment operation is underway under the command of Captain Noor ul Amin Mengal, Chairman of the Federal Development Agency (Capital Development Authority CDA), to keep Islamabad free of unlawful structures and encroachment.

Encroachments on government land were eliminated in this regard by conducting extensive operations in sector F-11, Bhika Syedan. The action was supported by the Information Directorate, Land and Restoration, Islamabad Administration, and Islamabad Police.

According to records, heavy machinery was used to remove 15 four walls, 133 rooms, 35 washrooms, 30 kitchens, and 23 gates built on government land in Sector F-11, Bhika Syedan.

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The operation’s goal is to finish development work by removing encroachment from purchased property for sectors.

On this occasion, Chairman CDA stated that the remaining development works in Sector F-11, Bhika Syedan should be completed as soon as feasible by removing the encroachment.

He also stated that the operation to clear encroachment on acquired land for sectors will be carried out without discrimination.

For several months, the CDA administration has been engaged in operations against unlawful construction and encroachment, resulting in a loss of billions of rupees.

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