CDA Mandates Building and Fire Safety Certificates from Schools

Web DeskSeptember 22, 2023
CDA Mandates Building and Fire Safety Certificates from Schools

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has taken a stance against the non-conforming usage of buildings as schools within the federal capital. In a public notice issued by the CDA’s Building Control Section, these educational institutions have been directed to furnish Building Stability Certificates and Fire Safety Certificates. Additionally, the notice calls for the rectification of other violations in these buildings.

The CDA has brought attention to a prevalent issue where numerous types of buildings in Islamabad, spanning commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential categories, have been repurposed for operating schools, thereby violating the CDA Ordinance of 1960 and the Islamabad Capital Territory Building Control Regulations of 2020.

The primary objective behind this move is to ensure the safety and security of students, children, and staff members. It also aims to guarantee the structural stability and soundness of these school buildings, as well as compliance with essential safety measures.

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As part of this initiative, the CDA is mandating that all schools situated in such buildings obtain a structural stability certificate. This certificate should be issued by a CDA-licensed Structural Engineer, unequivocally affirming the building’s capacity to safely accommodate the number of students and staff members enrolled in the school. Furthermore, this certification should be substantiated by essential tests. The CDA is also insisting that these school buildings adhere to fire safety standards and acquire certificates confirming the provision of Fire Safety Equipment in accordance with the Building Code of Pakistan.

To ensure compliance with these directives, the CDA has stipulated that schools operating in such buildings must submit the required certificates to the Building Control Section (BCS) within a two-week timeframe. Failure to do so may result in actions taken in accordance with relevant clauses in the CDA Ordinance and the Islamabad Capital Territory Building Control Regulations of 2023. Additionally, these educational institutions are urged to rectify other building violations within the same two-week period.

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