CEO highlights 93% fake calls plaguing Rescue 1122 emergency services

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Abid Naveed, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sindh Integrated Emergency and Health Services, has expressed concern over the irresponsible behavior of the public, which is obstructing emergency medical aid and patient evacuation services. Naveed highlights the alarming fact that a staggering 93 percent of calls received by Rescue 1122, the emergency helpline, are either fake or unrelated, creating significant hurdles for genuine emergency cases. On a daily basis, Rescue 1122 receives an average of 14,000 to 15,000 calls, but only around 1,000 of these calls are legitimate emergencies. The remaining 93 percent of calls disrupt the service, preventing those in real emergency situations from receiving timely assistance.

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Among these callers, there are instances where children accidentally dial the emergency number using their parents’ mobile phones. Some individuals misuse the service by testing their phone’s features, such as the microphone or hands-free capabilities. Surprisingly, there have even been cases of women calling to request biryani recipes, further burdening the Rescue 1122 network. These frivolous calls result in busy lines and inconvenience for those who genuinely require immediate help.

Naveed emphasizes the urgent need to raise awareness in society about the proper usage of emergency services. Legal and technical measures may need to be implemented to prevent unnecessary calls to Rescue 1122. While blocking the numbers of repeat offenders is a possible option, it should be carefully considered as it could also hinder their access to Rescue 1122 during genuine emergencies.

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