Chemicals Making the Land Infertile

Afshan ShakeelSeptember 29, 20236114 min
Chemicals Making the Land Infertile

Chemicals are essential part of present day life. Starting the day with brushing our teeth with toothpaste made by chemicals, till the end of day we use different types of chemicals some for washing clothes and detergents for washing utensils, liquids for cleaning glass and mirrors, bathroom and toilet cleaners, cleaners used for mopping, killing germs, getting rid of mosquitos and other insects, hand wash and sanitizers, perfumes and other toiletries. Many chemical products such as food colours and preservatives are part of our regular food. Where all these chemicals are getting drained? This is an important question.

All chemical used at domestic level are getting drained in to our water bodies i.e. rivers and ponds through improper sewerage system. Not only domestically used chemicals but also the poisonous liquid wastes from industries are also drained into water bodies without processing and removing toxic elements from them. When this river water containing toxic elements is used for farming these chemicals enter in our food chain through plants growing on this water and animals drinking this water and also aquatic animals surviving in these water bodies. The people using these food items are suffering from many new types of diseases specially allergies and cancer.

In agriculture sector also we are using very toxic high potency chemicals as pesticides and insecticides and different chemical fertilizers such as urea and ammonia. Irrigation water and rain water when gets absorb in ground it takes all these chemicals to underground water thus contaminating underground water sources as well. In long run continuous use of all these chemical substances not only affect our health but also make our land infertile, specially chemicals released from different industries. In coastal areas oil spillage from ships is also one of the reason for contamination of water badly effecting the marine life.

Water is basic requirement of all living organisms and is the primary reason for life on earth if we will not check contamination of water bodies, then not only us but our coming generations will suffer irreversible loss. All industries should be bound to release their wastes especially liquid waste after processing. The sewerage water should also be processed before draining it to main rivers. For agriculture sector natural products should be preferred over toxic chemicals.


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