Chief Justice Isa’s Frugality Sparks Debate Over Administrative Orders

Web DeskDecember 1, 2023
Chief Justice Isa's Frugality Sparks Debate Over Administrative Orders

In a commendable display of frugality, Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa has returned two official luxury vehicles to the government, setting a positive example for others in public service. However, his subsequent directive for the government to sell the vehicles and invest the proceeds in public transport has ignited a debate on the extent of judicial authority in administrative matters.

While Justice Isa’s act of returning expensive vehicles is widely applauded, concerns are raised about the judiciary overstepping its boundaries by issuing orders to government agencies. Critics argue that such administrative decisions fall outside the purview of the judiciary’s role and should be left to the discretion of the government.

It is emphasized that the government should have the autonomy to decide the appropriate use of the returned vehicles. Calls from the public, political parties, media, and civil society can serve as avenues for expressing concerns and seeking government responses, without direct judicial intervention.

Notably, this situation draws parallels to a past incident involving Justice Faisal Arab, where a judicial order was issued for the use of funds in development works, leading to a commission headed by Chief Justice Faiz Isa, who rejected it, citing concerns about interference in government affairs.

As discussions unfold, there is a plea for Chief Justice Isa to reconsider his administrative orders regarding the use of returned vehicles. Failure to do so may risk undermining the ban imposed by Parliament on the Chief Justice’s individual suo moto powers, potentially leading to a return to the controversial era of judicial interference in administrative matters.


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