Chimpanzee dies from heart attack at Karachi Zoo

Web DeskAugust 15, 2023
Chimpanzee dies from heart attack at Karachi Zoo

On Monday, a chimpanzee at the Karachi Zoo passed away due to a heart attack, as reported by Aamir Rizvi, the Deputy Director of the zoo. The Additional Director, Abida Raees, confirmed that the chimpanzee was in good health and had no physical injuries; the cause of death was indeed a cardiac arrest.

The zoo’s management faced significant public criticism, with many blaming them for the chimpanzee’s demise, asserting that negligence on their part played a role. These concerns were compounded by the apparent decline in cleanliness standards at the zoo, causing animals to fall ill.

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This unfortunate incident with the chimpanzee adds to a troubling series of animal deaths at the Karachi Zoo. Earlier this year, Noor Jehan, ailing from a joint and bone condition, passed away on April 22 despite efforts by experts and even a Reiki healer to save her. The disease had advanced to the point where her hind limbs were partially paralyzed, leaving her in immense pain and ultimately causing her to collapse in her pen, leading to her irreversible demise.

Additionally, another elephant named Madhubala at the same zoo was diagnosed with a blood parasite in June, although the numbers were relatively low according to the medical reports. The situation at the Karachi Zoo has raised significant concerns about the welfare of the animals housed there and the effectiveness of the management’s efforts to ensure their health and well-being.

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