Coca-Cola Introduces New AI-Generated Flavor

Web DeskSeptember 14, 2023
Coca-Cola Introduces New AI-Generated Flavor

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new soda flavor named “Y3000,” and what makes it unique is that it was co-created with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This innovative beverage is currently available for a limited time in both regular and zero-sugar versions. While the exact taste of Y3000 has not been disclosed by Coca-Cola, initial testers have described it as reminiscent of a “raspberry slushy.”

The creation process for Y3000 began with researchers gathering data on consumers’ flavor preferences, seeking patterns to decode what defines the “flavors of the future.” This dataset was then fed into an exclusive AI system to help shape the flavor profile of the new soda.

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Furthermore, Coca-Cola also employed AI to craft the artwork adorning the Y3000 cans. These cans feature a vibrant, neon-purple aesthetic with imagery that evokes a beach-inspired atmosphere, reminiscent of the creative visuals generated by AI platforms like Dall-E or Midjourney.

While Y3000 is being marketed as a limited edition flavor, Coca-Cola has not yet disclosed when it will be retired, leaving the duration of its availability uncertain. However, it is expected to be on the market at least throughout the fall season. Notably, Coca-Cola has also announced a collaboration with the luxury streetwear brand Ambush, with plans to launch a Y3000-themed clothing collection later in the season.

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