Concerns Rise as Veteran Guitarist Adnan Afaq Battles Critical Illness

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Concerns Rise as Veteran Guitarist Adnan Afaq Battles Critical Illness

Prominent guitarist, mentor, and trailblazer Adnan Afaq is currently grappling with stage IV stomach cancer, leading to his hospitalization in Karachi’s SIUT. Renowned for his exceptional guitar skills and dedication to music education, Adnan, affectionately known as Adnan Vai, is facing uncertainty regarding treatment options, with doctors expressing doubt about the feasibility of interventions.

As the head of the music department at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Adnan, also a key figure in the band ACMA (Arts Council Music Academy), has played a pivotal role in shaping Pakistan’s music industry. His colleague, Arman Rahim, shared that Adnan’s battle with the disease began six months ago, marked by severe stomach pain and later diagnosed as stage IV stomach cancer. Despite conscious conversations, Adnan’s inability to eat has led to complications, and doctors are relying on nutritional support through a drip.

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Fellow musicians, including Ahsan Bari of Sounds of Kolachi, have acknowledged Adnan’s significant contributions to the local music scene, emphasizing his role as an academician and mentor for numerous guitarists. Adnan’s musical journey traces back to the late 1980s, from his first band Powerhouse to later ventures with Arsh and Circle, earning acclaim for the 1997 album Tehzeeb.

Beyond his performance achievements, Adnan’s dedication to music education includes teaching at NAPA and crafting a comprehensive curriculum for a music course. In 2018, he assumed the role of the head of the music department at the Arts Council, where he developed the music curriculum and introduced a diploma program. His band, ACMA, has been instrumental in releasing original music and contributing to the dynamic local music scene across Pakistan.

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