Corendon Airlines Introduces ‘Only Adult’ Zones for a Tranquil In-Flight Experience

Web DeskAugust 29, 2023

Turkish-owned Corendon Airlines is soaring to new heights in passenger comfort by unveiling a groundbreaking service aimed at providing travelers with a serene and child-free flying experience. This innovative offering, aptly named the ‘Only Adult’ zone, is set to redefine air travel for those seeking tranquility at 30,000 feet.

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Located at the front of the aircraft, the ‘Only Adult’ zone will be exclusive to passengers aged 16 and above on Corendon’s flights between Amsterdam and the idyllic Caribbean island of Curaçao. This unique space will comprise 93 specially reserved seats, thoughtfully partitioned from the rest of the plane by walls and curtains. To secure a seat in this premium segment, passengers will have the option to pay an additional fee of €45 for a one-way ticket. For those craving extra legroom and an even more indulgent experience, a limited number of seats with additional space are available for €100 per flight.

The brainchild behind this pioneering concept, Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, explained that the ‘Only Adult’ zone was conceived to cater to passengers who desire a peaceful and distraction-free flight. Importantly, it’s not just for those who prefer to travel without the chatter and occasional restlessness of children but also for parents who can now enjoy a moment of relaxation knowing their children won’t inadvertently disturb fellow passengers.

While Corendon Airlines leads the charge with this innovation in Europe, several international airlines, such as AirAsia X and Scoot, have already introduced similar adult-only zones on select flights. Although airlines like TUI, KLM, and Transavia currently have no immediate plans to follow suit, the concept of child-free zones in aviation has undoubtedly caught the attention of travelers worldwide.

In fact, a recent survey has revealed that nearly 60 percent of American adults support the idea of having adult-only areas on planes and trains. This underscores the growing demand for peaceful, child-free travel experiences, making Corendon’s ‘Only Adult’ zone a milestone in catering to the evolving preferences of modern passengers.

The introduction of the ‘Only Adult’ zone not only promises a more serene journey for travelers but also sets a precedent for airlines to prioritize passenger comfort and choice. As air travel continues to evolve, Corendon Airlines has taken a significant step toward providing passengers with a flight experience that aligns with their individual preferences. Whether it’s the thrill of extra legroom or the desire for a tranquil flight, Corendon’s ‘Only Adult’ zone is poised to offer passengers a new dimension of flying comfort.

As Corendon Airlines paves the way for this exciting concept in Europe, travelers can anticipate an increasingly diverse range of options when it comes to tailoring their in-flight experiences, ushering in a new era of personalized air travel.

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