Crackdown on Overcharging Parking in Lahore by Government

Web DeskAugust 29, 2023
Crackdown on Overcharging Parking in Lahore by Government

The Punjab government has taken a firm stance against the issue of overcharging at parking stands and is implementing stringent measures to address this problem.

According to a statement by Caretaker Information Minister Punjab, Aamir Mir, there has been a surge in complaints about excessive charges at parking stands located in popular destinations in Lahore.

In response to these public grievances, the department has initiated a robust crackdown against what is referred to as the “parking stand mafia.”

Mir disclosed that Sher Rehman Khan, who was responsible for overseeing the parking stand at Haveli Hotel, has been suspended following the confirmation of overcharging practices in that area.

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The information minister emphasized that charging amounts beyond the fixed parking fees constitutes an act of corruption. He further conveyed the Punjab government’s unwavering commitment to eradicating corruption within public institutions.

Mir highlighted that the issue of overcharging at parking stands is pushing people to park their vehicles on roads, resulting in traffic congestion and potential theft risks. He urged the relevant authorities to address this matter with urgency.

In conclusion, the Punjab government is taking significant steps to tackle the problem of overcharging at parking stands, recognizing the detrimental effects it has on public convenience and road traffic.

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