Cricketers flirt with me in DM’s, claims Nawal Saeed

Web DeskOctober 16, 2023

In a surprising revelation, actress Nawal Saeed recently appeared on Momin Saqib’s show ‘Had Kar Di,’ where she left the audience astonished by disclosing that she has received flirtatious messages from prominent Pakistani cricketers.

Nawal Saeed disclosed during the show that although she hadn’t taken screenshots, she still had the messages on her phone. She humorously pointed out the absurdity of the situation, saying, “You’re representing Pakistan, and you have a blue tick on your profile. How are you randomly messaging any girl and praising her?” Nawal chuckled, emphasizing that such behavior was not appropriate.

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During the conversation, Nawal candidly shared, “A lot of cricketers flirt with me in DMs.” When Momin inquired about her responses to these advances, Saeed revealed that she typically tells them she will pray for them. She continued, “You are representing Pakistan with your green shirts. Please don’t do this; it looks weird.”

Despite the revelations, Nawal Saeed chose not to disclose the names of the cricketers who had sent her these messages, preferring to maintain discretion on the matter.

Nawal Saeed’s disclosure has ignited discussions about the behavior of high-profile individuals and the importance of respectful conduct, especially when they represent their country on the international stage. The conversation highlights the need for sports figures and celebrities to be mindful of their actions and the messages they convey both on and off the field or screen.

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