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Customs and Motorway Police Join Forces to Combat Smuggling

Customs and Motorway Police Join Forces to Combat Smuggling

The Pakistan Customs and the Motorway Police have recently signed new protocols aimed at enhancing cooperation in checking vehicles on the motorways as part of the government’s intensified efforts to combat smuggling. These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are designed to ensure the enforcement of both Customs laws and the National Highways Safety Ordinance-2000 in a coordinated manner.

Under these protocols, operations on the motorways, including at entry and exit points, will be conducted in coordination with the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) in accordance with the National Highways Safety Ordinance, 2000. All units of Pakistan Customs will increase surveillance and ensure the credibility of intelligence to intercept only suspicious vehicles or apprehend wanted individuals without causing inconvenience to other road users on the motorways.

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Random checks at entry or exit points on motorways may be carried out in coordination with the motorway police to deter carriers. Exchange of credible information between focal persons will occur in person, including providing the names and ranks of Pakistan Customs officers, along with vehicle registration numbers, to NHMP’s Focal Person(s).

Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) and Superintendents of Police (SPs) of the motorway police will serve as focal persons to coordinate with Pakistan Customs. No obstructions, such as unauthorized barriers, can be placed on national highways and motorways without coordination with the area police. Pakistan Customs will not conduct any operations on the motorways without prior coordination with the police to ensure smooth traffic flow and the safety of road users.

Temporary deployment of Customs staff and vehicles may occur at toll plazas, rest areas, and weigh stations in collaboration with NHMP. However, no permanent check posts or barriers of Pakistan Customs will be established on the motorways as per the agreed protocols. These measures aim to strengthen enforcement efforts while ensuring the efficient flow of traffic and the safety of motorists on the motorways.