Daniyal Aziz To Contest Independently Against PML-N In Elections 2024

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Daniyal Aziz To Contest Independently Against PML-N In Elections 2024

Once a prominent figure within the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Daniyal Aziz has opted to take an independent route in the upcoming elections, choosing to contest from his hometown Narowal.

Aziz, known for his outspoken demeanor, found himself in a discordant relationship with influential PML-N figures, most notably Ahsan Iqbal. The culmination of these tensions resulted in Aziz being overlooked by PML-N in favor of Chaudhry Anwarul Haq for the constituency.

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This shift in Aziz’s political trajectory was foreshadowed by a show-cause notice issued to him by the party earlier. The notice accused the former lawmaker of violating party regulations due to his controversial tweets addressing inflation. Aziz’s divergence from the party line, particularly in highlighting concerns about rising prices, contributed to his alienation within the PML-N.

Expressing disappointment with the party’s decision to select an alternative candidate from NA-75, Aziz bemoaned the consequences of his outspoken stance on economic issues. The rift between him and the party leadership became apparent as PML-N opted for a different representative in his home constituency.

By choosing to run as an independent candidate, Daniyal Aziz is positioning himself outside the established party dynamics, asserting his autonomy in a bid for electoral success. This move underscores the complex and dynamic nature of Pakistani politics, where individual voices can diverge from party narratives, shaping the landscape of electoral contests. As Aziz embarks on this independent journey, the electorate will ultimately decide the trajectory of his political future in the evolving political landscape of Narowal.

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