David Beckham Becomes an ‘Electrician’ for Wife Victoria

Web DeskDecember 17, 2023
David Beckham Becomes an 'Electrician' for Wife Victoria

David and Victoria Beckham continue to captivate their fans with their perfect partnership, showcasing a strong bond as husband and wife. Recently, the soccer icon demonstrated his domestic side by playing the role of an “electrician” to fix their television, embodying the everyday efforts to contribute to household affairs.

Victoria, the Posh Spice star, expressed her gratitude to her long-term partner on her official Instagram account, sharing a picture of David engaged in repairing the appliance. In the caption, the 49-year-old singer wrote, “Electrician came to fix the TV…..You’re welcome!” The snapshot captured David lying down, addressing a fault in the large flat screen situated in their apartment’s lounge by the window.

Despite his handyman role, David’s attire didn’t exactly match the typical electrician look; he sported only white Calvin Klein shorts. Evidently, he was at his lady’s service right out of bed.

The post garnered interesting comments, with the multinational electrical devices company, Samsung, adding a playful touch. In a lighthearted “disclaimer,” they stated, “Not all Frame TVs come with this electrician,” followed by another comment saying, “mend it like Beckham.” The amusing interaction added a touch of humor to the glimpse into the Beckhams’ domestic life.

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