De Sarno Debuts Minimalist Glamour at Gucci

Web DeskSeptember 24, 2023
De Sarno Debuts Minimalist Glamour at Gucci

Sabato De Sarno, the new designer at Gucci, made a striking debut with a collection that showcased minimalistic designs and skin-revealing aesthetics.

The fashion show, held at Gucci’s Milan headquarters, featured models walking down a darkened concrete runway, presenting a range of styles that included short shorts paired with suit jackets, strapless mini-dresses, trim sweatshirts, and tank tops with plunging necklines. This debut garnered considerable attention as it’s part of Kering’s efforts to rejuvenate sales at its flagship brand.

De Sarno’s collection received praise for offering clean and luxurious sportswear that embraces modern sensibilities without crossing into overly provocative territory. Fashion critics and industry experts noted the appeal of these designs, emphasizing their wearability and alignment with contemporary fashion trends. This debut marked a significant moment for Gucci, even though the new collection won’t be available in stores until early next year.

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Thomas Chauvet, an analyst at Citi, observed that De Sarno’s vision for the brand represents a clear evolution from Gucci’s previous aesthetics. The collection appears likely to attract a slightly older demographic and potentially command higher price points. Gucci’s journey toward a brand reset started after parting ways with its former creative director, Alessandro Michele, known for his eclectic, gender-neutral styles, which contributed to the brand’s immense success in the 2015-2019 period.

Despite the positive reception of the debut collection, it’s worth noting that the impact of such events on commercial success can be unpredictable. Fashion shows can generate mixed reactions, and the true test may come with subsequent collections. Nonetheless, this debut represents a crucial step in reshaping Gucci’s aesthetics, and it will certainly influence how investors perceive De Sarno’s ability to steer the brand in a new direction. Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri, is set to leave the company after this show, with Jean-Francois Palus taking over for a transitional period.

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