Dead Ibex Specimen Sent for Lab Testing

Web DeskSeptember 17, 2023
Dead Ibex Specimen Sent for Lab Testing

Samples from the deceased Sindh ibex have been dispatched to two laboratories on Saturday as part of efforts to unravel the enigmatic deaths occurring at Kirthar National Park. The Sindh Wildlife Department has sent these samples to the Central Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Tando Jam and the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry at Karachi University.

In this regard, wildlife officials discovered a total of eight carcasses of Sindh ibex near a watering hole located in a region known as Bambh Seer, nestled within the rugged terrain of the Kirthar Range. The journey to reach this location was quite strenuous, spanning several hours.

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Additionally, reports suggest that officials came upon roughly 10 more carcasses of Sindh ibex, which were attributed to natural causes. Javed Ahmed Mahar, the head of the Sindh Wildlife Department, urged caution in prematurely classifying these deaths as mysterious. He stressed the importance of awaiting the laboratory results, which are anticipated within three days.

It’s worth noting that over 20,000 of these wild goats inhabit an extensive area encompassing seven million acres across three districts: Malir (Karachi), Jamshoro, and Dadu.

Furthermore, Mahar confirmed that some of these animals displayed signs of inactivity. He mentioned that a team from the department is already present at the affected area, investigating whether these animals were afflicted by any disease or if there is an underlying cause behind these fatalities.

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