Deadly Earth Quake Rocks Northwest China: 100+ Dead, 400 Injured

Web DeskDecember 19, 2023
Deadly Earth Quake Rocks Northwest China: 100+ Dead, 400 Injured

Lanzhou was shaken by a formidable earthquake that struck Gansu province in the early hours of Monday, triggering a series of 10 aftershocks that compounded the initial devastation.

The toll of this seismic event has been devastating, with Chinese officials confirming 116 fatalities and over 400 injuries. The impact rippled beyond Gansu, affecting neighboring Qinghai. The epicenter of the earthquake was pinpointed in Xi’an, northern Shaanxi province, approximately 565 km away from Lanzhou.

Earthquake in northwest China kills at least 75, injures more than 400 |  National Post

Media coverage depicted the relentless rescue operations, showcasing the efforts to transport the injured to local hospitals and search through the rubble of collapsed homes.

The already challenging circumstances were aggravated by the harsh, cold weather prevailing in this high-altitude region, further complicating aid efforts for those affected.

President Xi assured the nation of the government’s swift and comprehensive response, mobilizing extensive search, rescue, and medical assistance for the injured.

Amidst the chaos, provincial authorities confirmed over 100 casualties and appealed to the public to avoid congesting rescue sites, emphasizing the critical need to clear roads for unhindered operations.

The aftermath of this tragic event resulted in severe disruptions to crucial services like power and water supply in the region, further exacerbating the challenges faced by survivors.

This part of China has a history of seismic activity owing to its tectonic plates. The recent earthquake follows a pattern of such occurrences, with a similarly destructive 6.6-magnitude quake hitting Sichuan province last September, claiming the lives of several individuals.

As rescue and relief efforts continue, the affected communities grapple with the aftermath of this catastrophic event, emphasizing the need for sustained support and aid in the wake of such natural disasters.

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