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Degrees of Pakistani Doctors Acknowledged in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Nations

Degrees of Pakistani Doctors Acknowledged in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Nations

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations have officially recognized Pakistan’s MS (Master of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) postgraduate degree programs, bringing a momentous boost to Pakistani doctors working in the region. The recognition, a result of efforts led by the Association of University Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (AUPSP), was reached during a significant visit by a high-level delegation from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to Riyadh.

This decision elevates the status of Pakistani doctors in the Gulf, promising enhancements in rank, salary, and benefits. The General Secretary of AUPSP hailed this achievement as a source of national pride, asserting that it will amplify the honour of Pakistani doctors abroad and elevate the stature of the country’s medical sector.

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Dr. Asad Noor Mirza, a representative of AUPSP, expressed optimism about the implications, noting that Pakistani doctors are now poised to deliver services at par with the best in Saudi Arabia. With an estimated three thousand Pakistani doctors set to benefit, Dr. Mirza highlighted the significant opportunities this recognition brings, contrasting it with past scenarios where doctors faced disheartenment due to lack of recognition.