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Dior Beautys TikTok Promotion with Johnny Depp Sparks Backlash

Dior Beauty's TikTok Promotion with Johnny Depp Sparks Backlash

Dior’s debut on TikTok with its Dior Beauty account drew attention, but not all of it was positive. The brand faced criticism for featuring Johnny Depp in a promotional video, given his controversial past.

The video, shared on May 16th, featured a black-and-white filtered Depp saying, “this is Dior Beauty on TikTok, TikTok, TikTok, TikTok.”

Fans quickly expressed their discontent on social media, with some calling out the brand for using Depp, citing his appearance and his past controversies. One user criticized Dior for featuring Depp, referring to him as a “hideous corpse” and accusing the brand of promoting “beauty” despite Depp’s alleged issues. Another pointed out what they saw as hypocrisy, noting Dior’s decision to terminate its contract with Marion Cotillard, allegedly due to her age, while continuing to work with Depp, whom they referred to as a “wife-beating senior citizen.”

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Depp’s history includes a highly publicized legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, in which accusations of domestic violence were made against him. The legal proceedings, which began in 2016, involved evidence such as photos of injuries Heard claimed were inflicted by Depp. Videos also emerged during the legal battle showing heated confrontations between the couple.

This is not the first time Depp has sparked controversy in an advertising campaign. In 2021, a Dior ad featuring Depp playing guitar in a desert surrounded by wolves drew criticism for its alleged appropriation of Native American iconography. Dior reportedly removed the ad and related materials from its social media posts following the backlash.

Despite these controversies, Dior continued to work with Depp, as reported in 2023, when the actor reportedly extended his partnership with the brand for its Dior Sauvage fragrance in a new multimillion-dollar deal.