Disco Diljala Turns One: Umair Jaswal’s 2023 Track Foreshadowing the Year?

Web DeskFebruary 2, 2024
Disco Diljala Turns One: Umair Jaswal's 2023 Track Foreshadowing the Year?

The waves caused by the announcement of Pakistani actor Sana Javed’s marriage to cricketer Shoaib Malik may be subsiding, but Umair Jaswal, Sana’s former husband, is hinting at ongoing turmoil through his Instagram posts. Despite both celebrities remaining silent about their divorce, initially disclosed when Shoaib announced his marriage to Sana, the internet is buzzing with speculation.

In Umair’s recent Instagram Stories gaining attention, he encourages followers to listen to his 2023 track “Disco Diljala.” Released last February as part of his EP “Dance Karein Saari Raat,” the song marked his musical comeback after three years and a departure from the rock scene.

For devoted Umair and rock fans, “Disco Diljala” might blend typical disco elements, and the house-inspired synth could raise eyebrows. However, looking beyond the surface, the other tracks in Umair’s EP affirm his venture into multiple genres, all unfolding in the context of 2023.

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Nearly a year after the song’s release, Umair’s post imbues it with new meaning. The lyrics delve into themes of loneliness, regret, and shattered dreams, prompting speculation about whether “Disco Diljala” was foreshadowing his personal struggles.

The opening lines set a grim scene, layering external despair onto a deeper void with phrases like “Andhairon main dil / Ki tarikiyoon main chala / Dil jala.” Subtle allusions to a broken home emerge with “Tootay huway khwaabon kay ghar pay khara / Tanha,” intensifying with an aggressive verse:

“Raatein hain kaali / Aankhain hain khaali / Guzeray zamanay / Kisay fasanay Rang aur tamashay / Jhootay dilasay / Kis ko sunanay / Sab hain bahanay.”

Released on all streaming platforms four days before Valentine’s Day last year, one wonders if the song’s pre-chorus captures the writer’s heartbreak. Even if “Bhool ja / Koi nahi tera / Jhoom ja / Is dunya mein tanha” may not resonate personally with Umair, it could serve as a breakup anthem for many this February.

Umair’s recent Instagram Stories also depict him cuddling his pet dog during a morning cardio session, showcasing his passion for fitness. Another candid story features a child comically mispronouncing Arabic letters as “Daal ke baad chawal,” with Umair humorously terming “daal chawal” as his comfort food, expressing a desire to indulge in the dish.

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