Do you know, how much Yamaha charges for a single nut?

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Yamaha single nut

Automakers are known for demanding ridiculous costs for OEM or “genuine” parts, no matter how simple or sophisticated they are. The same may be said of bike makers.

Yamaha’s excessive pricing strategies are highlighted in a recent Facebook post by Horsepower Pakistan. The image depicts a man carrying a single metal nut wrapped in a clear plastic bag.

The bag is emblazoned with a Yamaha price tag that reads Rs. 160. The snapshot has sparked both mockery and outrage among netizens.

A single metal bolt like the one in the photo should not cost more than Rs. 50. However, in keeping with the company’s and the industry’s tradition, Yamaha has overpriced the bolt.

Yamaha sold 841 motorcycles in April, a 50.4% decrease in monthly sales. While the official cause of such a sharp drop has not been established, analysts believe that, in addition to manufacturing challenges, exorbitant costs are to blame.

While market rumours predict that imports and manufacturing for the auto sector would be restored, sales will most likely stay weak in the next days due to persistent economic and operational challenges.


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