Does iPhone 15 Pro max cracks that easily?

Web DeskSeptember 27, 2023

It seems that Apple has taken a step toward improving the repairability of the iPhone 15 Pro by introducing a new back glass panel. However, this change has also made the phone more susceptible to damage, a trend that has become evident through various online durability tests and user feedback.

Renowned YouTuber JerryRigEverything recently shared his typical durability test video of the iPhone 15 Pro, highlighting how easily the back glass can develop cracks. Another separate drop-test video demonstrated that the phone can shatter even when dropped from pocket height. During the durability test, YouTuber Zack adhered to his customary routine, using a knife to assess the phone’s surface. While the titanium frame exhibited some scratches when subjected to the knife’s metal tip, the matte back, as usual, proved to be quite resistant to scratches.

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The most unexpected revelation occurred during the bend test, which took everyone by surprise, including Zack himself. In today’s smartphone landscape, it’s uncommon for phones to fail under bend tests, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max turned out to be an exception, cracking with minimal effort. Here’s what the YouTuber had to say:

“I’ve been conducting smartphone durability tests for around 11 years now, and most phones don’t break. iPhones, in particular, hardly ever break. The snap [of the iPhone 15 Pro Max] was unusually quick.

Internally, the iPhone 15 Pro Max demonstrated outstanding resilience during the durability examination. The screen and frame remained unharmed, with only the rear glass yielding to pressure. JerryRigEverything speculates that this vulnerability could be attributed to titanium’s significantly higher tensile strength when compared to aluminum, rendering the glass back less resilient even under slight pressure and bending.

In a more positive development, Apple has introduced measures to reduce the cost of replacing the back glass on the iPhone 15 Pro this year.

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