Does seeing halo around moon indicate weak eyesight?

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Does seeing halo around moon indicate weak eyesight?

Have you ever gazed at the night sky and observed a complete circle of light encircling the full moon? If so, you may have pondered the origin of this captivating phenomenon.

Contrary to a common misconception, the luminous halo surrounding the moon is not an indication of weakened eyesight. Instead, it emerges from specific atmospheric conditions, particularly the presence of frosty particles or ice crystals.

According to experts from Columbia University, these minuscule ice particles disperse the moon’s light, creating the enchanting halo effect.

These frosty particles are associated with a specific type of cloud known as cirrus clouds, which form at high altitudes in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Composed mainly of pure ice, these clouds hover approximately 31 miles above the Earth’s surface. Unfortunately, due to their considerable height and thin composition, observing these clouds with the naked eye is nearly impossible.

Regardless of the observer’s location worldwide or the season, the size of the halo around the moon remains consistent.

Upon closer examination, the halo’s diameter measures 22 degrees, a characteristic attributed to the formation of hexagonally shaped ice particles.

These hexagonal ice particles play a pivotal role in reflecting light in a specific manner, producing the beautiful halo effect we witness. Light scatters in these hexagonal ice particles, creating a circular shape at 22 degrees. This dispersion of light results in the dazzling halo effect around the moon, as the moon’s radiance reflects through these particles and reaches our eyes.

While halos are commonly associated with the moon, they can also manifest around celestial bodies like the sun. Observing a halo around the sun can be challenging due to its intense brightness, with some locations featuring a diameter of 46 degrees.

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