Donald Trump proves he’s a better stand-up comedian.

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Donald Trump proves he's a better stand-up comedian.

Former US President Donald Trump playfully ridiculed Joe Biden’s electric vehicle policy in a stand-up comedy style, amusing the audience and eliciting laughter during his speech at a Republican Convention in California.

In a humorous tone, the 77-year-old remarked, “The Biden administration wants to use electric army tanks. The problem is, you can’t charge them easily, they don’t have enough range, and they lack the power.”

Continuing his jest about electric vehicles, particularly their slow speed, he quipped, “So, imagine us going into enemy territory with these vehicles. We’ll end up blasting everyone, but at least we’ll do it with environmentally friendly equipment. Can you believe that?”

Shifting his focus to fighter jets, the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination added, “Now they’re talking about our fighter jets. These jets are our best bet. They can make quick turns, drop bombs, and they want to use slightly more environmentally friendly fuel.”


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He continued by saying, “So, if we’re attacking a country to punish them for their wrongdoings, we go in and drop bombs everywhere, but at least we’re not leaving an environmental footprint.”

Trump, who has faced legal charges four times, imitated a government official who suggested a climate-friendly policy to him. He made fun of the suggestion, saying, “Sir, we have a new fighter jet that we think is environmentally friendly.” I responded, “Who cares if you’re dropping bombs all over the place and shooting everyone?”

“And they’re also talking about new regulations for all-electric boats,” Trump mentioned. He explained that he asked an expert if it would work, to which the expert replied, “No, sir, the entire boat would have to become a battery, and the batteries would be so massive and heavy that the boat would sink.” Trump then posed another question, saying, “Suppose you’re on a sinking boat sitting on top of a battery. Would you get electrocuted?”

“In that situation, you have a choice: a shark ten yards away or going down with the sinking boat and getting electrocuted,” he humorously pondered. “Honestly, you know what I’d choose? I’m taking the boat every single time. I want the boat,” Trump concluded, mocking Joe Biden’s policies as absurd.


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