Don’t forget about it: the world’s most expensive ice cream costs $6,400

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Indulge in Steadiness: The World’s Priciest Ice Cream Experience

Prepare yourself for a scoop of frozen delight that surpasses the sum total of ice cream you may consume in multiple summers. Byakuya, meaning “white night” in Japanese, has claimed its position as the most expensive ice cream globally, as officially recognized by Guinness World Records. This frozen delicacy, crafted by Japanese ice cream brand Cellato, is referred to as gelato on their website, paying homage to its Italian origins.

The key ingredient of this extraordinary creation is sourced exclusively from Alba, renowned for housing the finest white truffles in Italy. A single kilogram of this ingredient can fetch an astounding two million yen ($14,500). Topped with an edible gold leaf, two types of cheese, and “Sakekasu” (a paste derived from sake-making), the byakuya ice cream represents a meticulous development process spanning over 1.5 years. Cellato’s mission goes beyond crafting exquisitely expensive desserts, aiming to create a culinary adventure that blends European ingredients with traditional Japanese flavors.

To achieve this, Cellato enlisted the expertise of Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef at RiVi, a renowned Osaka-based restaurant known for its fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. The byakuya dessert is available for purchase in Japan and is shipped directly to consumers. The consumption process itself requires precision, with detailed instructions provided by Cellato. Customers are guided to add the white truffle at the perfect texture, just as the ice cream begins to soften, and then mix it using a handcrafted metal spoon provided.

For optimal enjoyment, patrons are advised to allow the ice cream to defrost at room temperature or microwave it at 500 watts for 10 to 20 seconds if it’s too hard. While the Guinness World Records team hasn’t had the chance to sample this extraordinary treat, Cellato’s staff described it as “rich in taste and texture” during a tasting session. They also recommend pairing it with sake or a French white wine to elevate the experience.

Cellato, known for their black truffle-based offering as well, has plans to expand their eye-wateringly expensive product line to include Champagne and caviar in the future, ensuring that their unique culinary creations continue to captivate adventurous taste buds.

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