Ducky Bhai’s another Unusual Promise: A PS5 Giveaway Challenge if he Fails to get Abs

Web DeskDecember 8, 2023
Ducky Bhai's another Unusual Promise: A PS5 Giveaway Challenge if he Fails to get Abs

Ducky Bhai, the renowned vlogger, who has once again caught the attention of his followers with an unconventional pledge. After delivering on the promise to shave his head and beard, Ducky Bhai has upped the stakes, vowing to distribute five coveted PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming consoles on the streets.

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This bold commitment comes with a unique condition – Ducky Bhai has set a fitness goal for himself, and if he falls short of achieving it by the time his channel reaches the impressive milestone of 7 million subscribers, the PS5 consoles will be handed out to lucky individuals on the streets.

Known for his unexpected and entertaining twists, Ducky Bhai continues to captivate his audience with this latest endeavor. As subscribers eagerly await the fitness challenge outcome, the prospect of PS5 consoles making their way into the hands of fans has added an extra layer of excitement to the online community’s discussions. Stay tuned as Ducky Bhai strives to meet his fitness goal, promising a street-level gaming surprise if he doesn’t.

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