Dutch Scientist Predicts Earthquake in Pakistan after Turkey

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A recent social media post by Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets has ignited speculation about the potential occurrence of a significant earthquake in Pakistan. This seismic alert stems from the findings of a scientist affiliated with the Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS) in the Netherlands, who observed notable atmospheric fluctuations in areas both within Pakistan and its neighboring regions, raising concerns about the possibility of a catastrophic earthquake on the horizon.

Sharing this seismic risk assessment on social media, the researcher explained, “On September 30, we detected atmospheric fluctuations in and around Pakistan. Our observations are grounded in data.” Drawing on prior experience in using planetary alignments to predict seismic activity in places such as Turkey and Syria, the scientist offered a cautious perspective, stating, “While this could serve as a warning sign of a potentially stronger tremor, similar to what happened in Morocco, it is essential to note that we cannot definitively predict its occurrence.”

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In a previous communication, the researcher emphasized that the period between October 1 and 3 would be a “critical” timeframe for monitoring seismic activity. Nonetheless, it is vital to clarify that the prediction does not suggest an impending major earthquake, and there are no guarantees associated with these indicators.

Responding to the heightened concerns, Amir Haider Laghari, Director of the National Tsunami Centre in Karachi, stressed the importance of earthquake precautions and dismissed the notion of accurately forecasting the timing and location of such events. Laghari underscored the inherent unpredictability of earthquakes, highlighting the risk associated with the convergence of the two major tectonic plates that traverse Pakistan. While this seismic alert serves as a valuable reminder to stay prepared, it is essential to rely on comprehensive earthquake safety measures rather than relying solely on predictions.

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