Eaglelyst: The Instagram-Famous French Fries Seller

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Eaglelyst: The Instagram-Famous French Fries Seller

In the realm of social media entrepreneurship, platforms like Instagram have become fertile ground for documenting the trials and triumphs of small business ventures. One such compelling narrative is that of Arbaz Abbasi, a street food enthusiast turned entrepreneur, who embarked on a journey to establish a french fries business with a modest investment. Through transparent and engaging storytelling on his Instagram account, Arbaz provides a glimpse into the challenges and successes of running a small food operation. Let’s delve into the captivating saga of Arbaz’s entrepreneurial endeavor and discover the lessons and inspiration it offers to aspiring business owners.

1. Initial Inspiration and Discovery
In a moment of entrepreneurial inspiration, I shared with my sister-in-law my desire to sell gola ganda in our housing society. Feeling lost about where to begin, she suggested I check out Eaglelyst on Instagram, an account documenting a small business journey. Intrigued, I explored the account of Arbaz Abbasi, a street food enthusiast and budding entrepreneur.

2. Mission and Setup
Arbaz began his french fries business with a modest investment of Rs 50,000. His Instagram videos detail his journey from scouting locations to setting up his stall, providing insights into the decision-making process and operational challenges. He shares daily updates on sales, offering a transparent view of the financial aspects of running a small food business.

3. Compelling Storytelling
Arbaz’s videos, shot in a straightforward manner, draw viewers into his daily routine. The narrative rhythm allows followers to anticipate challenges and changes, keeping them invested in his business growth. His strategic storytelling captivates the audience, creating suspense around the outcome of his experiment.

4. Remarkable Growth and Audience Engagement
Viewers witness Arbaz’s business evolve from a few customers to a bustling operation within a short timeframe. His Instagram page celebrates his growing fanbase, highlighting the power of positive content creation. Despite holding some details back, Arbaz remains honest about challenges and setbacks, offering valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

5. Personal Journey and Inspiring Message
Arbaz’s journey resonates with his audience, offering business tips and fostering a sense of community. His success with a simple french fries stall demonstrates the potential for connection and impact beyond celebrity status. Rooting for Arbaz becomes natural as his adventure unfolds, inviting others to join his captivating narrative on Instagram.

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