East Bengal FC Faces Issues Due To Age Manipulation

Web DeskJanuary 11, 2024
East Bengal FC Faces Issues Due To Age Manipulation

East Bengal, a team in the Indian Super League, is in jeopardy as six under-17 players face suspension due to allegations of age fraud, potentially leading to severe consequences for the club.

Earlier, reports surfaced that East Bengal’s arch-rivals, Mohun Bagan, had presented evidence against one player who was found to be overage and had participated in the Kolkata Derby during the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Under-17 Youth League. Mohun Bagan further asserted that five additional players had submitted questionable age proofs.

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The AIFF’s initiative in organizing the Under-17 Youth League to foster youth development in football may be at risk due to the controversy surrounding age fraud. The potential consequences of this situation could undermine the original purpose of the league.

Mohun Bagan, addressing the issue, penned a letter to the AIFF, expressing concern about the potential violation of player registration regulations and the implications of fielding an overage player in the U-17 category. They urged the AIFF to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter to expose any malpractice committed by the player and East Bengal FC.

As of now, the AIFF has not imposed any financial sanctions or bans on the club. However, numerous reports suggest that the players involved could face bans and prolonged periods on the sidelines. The AIFF typically conducts a hearing, affording the club and the players an opportunity to prove their innocence regarding the allegations of age fraud. Failure to substantiate their innocence may result in sanctions as outlined in Article 62 of the AIFF disciplinary code.

This unfolding situation raises concerns not only for East Bengal but also for the broader integrity of youth football development programs in India. The potential repercussions emphasize the need for vigilance and adherence to regulations to maintain the credibility and fairness of football competitions at the youth level.

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