Elon Musk confirms removal of X block feature

Web DeskAugust 19, 2023
Elon Musk confirms removal of 'X' block feature

Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), has unveiled a substantial change to the platform’s functionality. In a recent post on X, Musk announced that users will no longer have the option to block accounts, marking a departure from the feature’s longstanding presence on the platform. This shift is the latest in a series of transformative changes that Musk has implemented within the ten months since his massive $44 billion acquisition of the platform.

Key Facts : 

The modification to the blocking feature drew attention after Musk responded to a user’s question about the differences between blocking and muting accounts. In his response, Musk stated that the blocking feature will be phased out, with an exception for direct messages. He emphasized that the feature “makes no sense,” prompting speculation about his motives behind this change.

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Under the new policy, users of X will lose the ability to prevent specific accounts from contacting them, following them, or viewing their posts. Muting an account, on the other hand, will allow users to exclude posts from that account from their timeline without completely blocking or unfollowing it. This shift in policy raises questions about how users will manage their interactions and protect their online experiences.

Key Background 

Musk’s decision to remove the blocking feature follows a series of significant alterations he has introduced to the platform. These changes include the establishment of a paid Blue subscription model, where certain features are restricted to paying subscribers. Additionally, Musk renamed the platform from Twitter to X and symbolically replaced the iconic blue bird logo with the letter X.

It remains to be seen how users will respond to this change and whether it will impact their experiences on the platform. Musk’s willingness to reshape X’s features suggests a proactive approach to addressing user feedback and adapting to evolving trends in social media. As with his previous modifications, the removal of the blocking feature reflects Musk’s ongoing efforts to redefine and optimize the platform’s user experience.

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