Elon Musk Not Happy with Italy’s Low Birth Rate

Web DeskDecember 17, 2023
Elon Musk Not Happy with Italy's Low Birth Rate

Elon Musk expressed concern over Italy’s low birth rate, suggesting that it might discourage investors. He made these remarks at the Atreju political event hosted by the Brothers of Italy party, led by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Musk reassured that X (formerly Twitter) would recover despite recent advertiser departures due to anti-semitism controversies.

Speaking on the return of advertisers to X, Musk acknowledged initial concerns but deemed them a short-term issue. He had previously warned that an advertising boycott could potentially “kill the company.” Musk attributed the advertiser exodus to what he called a “woke mind virus,” criticizing organizations affected by it.

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Musk shared his perspective on identity politics, describing it as “no fun,” “divisive,” and “anti-meritocratic.” He expressed support for legal migration, emphasizing the importance of welcoming honest and hardworking individuals. While advocating for increased legal immigration, he underscored the need to address illegal immigration.

The Tesla chief issued a cautionary message about the consequences of a declining birth rate, stating that “people will disappear” without population growth. Musk highlighted Italy’s low fertility rate, warning potential investors about the risks associated with the country’s demographic challenges.

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