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Engineering student creates brain-controlled electric wheelchair

Engineering student creates brain-controlled electric wheelchair

A bright student from Engineering University Mardan, Adil Bacha, has developed an innovative electric-powered wheelchair that can be controlled using brain signals. This groundbreaking invention is specifically designed for patients who have fully functional brains but suffer from paralysis in the rest of their bodies.

Adil Bacha explained that the wheelchair aims to assist patients who might not even be able to communicate verbally. With this advanced brain-controlled technology, users can navigate from one location to another independently, offering them a significant degree of autonomy and freedom.

“I have developed this wheelchair so that patients can move freely from one place to another,” Bacha said, highlighting the transformative potential of his invention for individuals with severe mobility impairments.

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This innovation is part of a broader trend of Pakistani students showcasing their talent through creative solutions to societal needs. For instance, last year, two students from Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur developed a drone ambulance model to aid individuals affected by floods. This drone ambulance can access areas that are difficult for humans to reach, delivering essential medications and first aid to stranded individuals. Additionally, it has the capability to identify people in need of assistance.

Such innovative projects reflect the ingenuity and dedication of Pakistani students in addressing critical issues and improving the quality of life for many.