Ex-Actress Noor Bukhari Enters Political Arena for 2024 Elections

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Ex-Actress Noor Bukhari Enters Political Arena for 2024 Elections

Transitioning from Entertainment to Politics, Bukhari Aligns with Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party

Lahore recently witnessed the foray of former actress and model Noor Bukhari into the political landscape as she officially submitted her nomination papers, signaling her intent to participate in the impending elections.

Renowned for her role in the film ‘Ishq Positive,’ Bukhari has ventured into the realm of politics, affiliating herself with the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP). Notably, the IPP has attracted former members of the PTI, including Bukhari’s husband, Aun Chaudhry.

Stepping away from her entertainment career, Bukhari aims to secure a reserved seat in Lahore, driven by her aspiration to expand her impact beyond the realms of entertainment and into the political sphere.

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This move follows a trend of personalities from the entertainment industry making their foray into politics for the upcoming elections, despite skepticism from the former ruling party. Alongside Bukhari, others such as TikTok personality Sandal Khattak and internet sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan have also filed their nomination papers.

In an intriguing turn of events, Noor Bukhari remarried her ex-husband Aun Chaudhary in 2020, rekindling their relationship after their initial marriage in 2012 and subsequent separation. Reports suggest that Bukhari has been married over five times in her lifetime, adding a layer of curiosity to her journey into the political arena.

Bukhari’s entry into politics marks a notable transition, reflecting the evolving dynamics between the entertainment industry and the political landscape, while also adding an intriguing dimension to the forthcoming elections.

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