Extensive corruption within the police department has been uncovered.

Web DeskDecember 26, 2023
Extensive corruption within the police department has been uncovered.

In Karachi, significant corruption within the police department has been exposed concerning the excessive fuel consumption by mobile vans, resulting in the loss of millions of rupees each month. The misuse involves a sophisticated installation of multiple fuel consumption trackers in individual vans, as many as five in some cases, leading to inflated fuel usage reports and financial losses to the government.

An investigation has been launched following the discovery of evidence, including videos, revealing this fraudulent activity. In 2017, the Sindh Police, under the tenure of former Inspector General A.D. Khwaja, had taken notice of fuel misuse and had initially installed fuel consumption trackers in all police vans to curb fuel theft.

However, this system was also manipulated, with multiple trackers deliberately fitted in each vehicle, including patrol vans, security police vehicles, and those used by DSP rank officers. This manipulation aimed to show exaggerated fuel usage and claim higher fuel expenses. Moreover, fuel consumption was falsely recorded for vehicles that were not even operational.

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The Additional IG Karachi, Khadim Hussain Rind, has initiated an investigation after noticing the installation of five trackers in a police mobile. The Sindh Police had earlier requested an additional fund of Rs50 million from the Sindh Home Department for various units, including SSU, Security One, Security Two, Foreign Security Cell, Court Police, and Guard Force, but financial mismanagement and misuse of funds have been reported.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, Ghotki, Kashmore, and Shikarpur police departments collectively expended Rs360 million on fuel.

Ghotki utilized Rs190 million for diesel and petrol in 70 mobiles and 17 armored vehicles, Kashmore spent Rs70 million in 65 police mobiles and 16 armored vehicles, and Shikarpur consumed Rs100 million in 70 police mobiles and 7 armored vehicles.

Despite receiving significant budget allocations, the law and order situation in Sindh remains a significant concern. The police force has not been successful in addressing street crimes, extortion, kidnappings for ransom, or criminal activities in various areas of the province.

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