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Facebook Removes Soul Sisters Pakistan Support Group

Facebook Removes Soul Sisters Pakistan Support Group

Facebook has taken the decision to delete a women-only group in Pakistan, known as Soul Sisters Pakistan, which boasted over 300,000 members. The group was a platform for women to openly discuss taboo topics such as sex, divorce, and domestic violence, which are often considered inappropriate for public discussion in Pakistan.

Kanwal Ahmed, the founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan, revealed that Facebook removed the group late Wednesday citing an unspecified “intellectual property violation” linked to a post. Despite her efforts to appeal the decision, Facebook did not provide further clarification on which post had violated their policies.

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The group served as a vital support network for women, offering informal assistance ranging from legal advice to emotional support on sensitive issues. Its removal has left many women feeling lost and without a safe space to seek guidance.

Critics of Soul Sisters Pakistan have previously accused the group of promoting behaviors that challenge traditional and patriarchal norms, such as divorce. However, supporters argue that the group played a crucial role in providing a voice for women facing harassment and violence in Pakistan, where such issues are prevalent.

The deletion of Soul Sisters Pakistan highlights concerns about online censorship in Pakistan, where social media platforms have faced disruptions and bans by the government over content deemed inappropriate or blasphemous. This incident underscores the challenges faced by online communities in navigating the complex landscape of content moderation and freedom of expression in the digital age.