Facebook’s official page hacked, hackers demanding the release of Imran Khan.

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Facebook's official page hacked, hackers demanding the release of Imran Khan.

The hacking of user accounts and social media pages is not an uncommon event. In the past, scammers have targeted notable individuals, including politicians and celebrities, to post messages under their identities.

However, on October 6, a rare incident occurred when Facebook users were surprised to find unusual posts originating from Facebook’s official page. What piqued the interest of Facebook users was the content of these posts, which centered on criticizing the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for denying visas to Pakistani cricket fans for ICC World Cup matches.

A notable aspect of this incident was a post that called for the release of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Another post mentioned “Release Zuck.”

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At 10:40 pm, a post appeared on Facebook’s official page, stating, “I have no idea why I suddenly have access to post stuff on Facebook. Or have I got it completely wrong and I’m not posting as Facebook UK?”

Subsequently, another post followed, saying, “Let me take this opportunity to let everyone know they have completely botched the event by not issuing visas to people who wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup in person.”

As initially reported by DailyMail, multiple posts were made before Facebook detected the issue and took corrective action. The social network promptly removed all the posts and issued an official statement to inform users that the page had been compromised.

Concurrently, the platform initiated an investigation into the incident and implemented measures to enhance the page’s security. By 11:30 pm, Facebook’s official page had been deactivated. Nevertheless, by that time, thousands of users had already seen these posts.

In February 2014, an Egyptian hacker successfully removed Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook timeline cover photo from his account using a private exploit.


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