Fahad Mustafa Praises Stars, Highlights Challenges with Younger Actors

Web DeskSeptember 24, 2023
Fahad Mustafa Praises Stars, Highlights Challenges with Younger Actors

Renowned Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa recently appeared on the show “Gup Shup,” hosted by Vasay Chaudhry, where he candidly discussed his experiences working with some of the biggest names in the showbiz industry and the reasons behind his hesitation to take on new acting projects.

For some time, fans and industry insiders have wondered why Fahad has been relatively absent from the world of Pakistani dramas, especially when his acting prowess is well-established. During his conversation with the audience, he revealed the real reason behind this apparent hiatus, citing a surprising factor: fear.

Fahad has shared screen space with industry legends, many of whom have achieved superstar status in the Pakistani entertainment industry. According to Fahad, working with these established stars is relatively straightforward and enjoyable due to their professionalism and experience.

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“For quite some time, people ask me why I don’t do dramas,” began Fahad. “The reason why, if I’m being honest, is fear. I have worked with him (Vasay), Humayun bhai, Mehwish, Mahira, all these people, all of whom are already stars. It’s easy to work with stars because there is a reason why they are stars. I feel they are easy to work with.”

However, Fahad expressed reservations when it comes to working with emerging talents in the industry. He was quick to clarify that this apprehension does not stem from doubts about their abilities or talent but rather from a different aspect of the working dynamics on set. “The young section is a bit difficult,” he stated. “I’m not talking about talent – just to get along on sets. Because on sets, we don’t look at vanities or anything, we’re all often together in a room. When we did a film, we would all be sitting together. There was no problem.”

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