Faisal Kapadia’s Solo Journey: Post-Strings Album Making Process ‘Addictive’

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Faisal Kapadia's Solo Journey: Post-Strings Album Making Process 'Addictive'

Faisal Kapadia, former frontman of the iconic rock band Strings, has been making waves with his solo projects since bidding farewell to the band in 2021. His debut album, “Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye,” was released on February 2, marking his foray into new musical endeavors. In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Faisal discussed his return to the studio and transition from Strings to his solo career.

Reflecting on his return to music, Faisal recounted a conversation with composer and Coke Studio producer-mentor Xulfi, also known as Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, which led to his collaboration on the track “Phir Milenge” with the hip-hop duo Young Stunners in 2022. Despite initial hesitation, this collaboration served as a catalyst for Faisal’s solo journey after Strings.

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Following “Phir Milenge,” Faisal collaborated with Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi on the track “Jaadu,” featured on his album. Describing the song as a happy one, Faisal emphasized the joy he found in the creative process, contrasting it with the collaborative dynamic of his former band.

Having accumulated eight tracks, Faisal decided to release an album, “Zindagi Jahaan Le Jaaye,” featuring four solo songs and four collaborations, including one with Zoha Zuberi. He expressed his excitement about the album’s release, hoping that listeners would find it as enjoyable as he did making it.

Faisal encouraged his audience to approach the album as a cohesive piece, emphasizing the deliberate sequencing of tracks for a more immersive experience. With this album, Faisal Kapadia marks a new chapter in his musical journey, showcasing his talents as a solo artist.

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