Fake Pakistan Army Colonel Arrested for Extorting Millions

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Fake Pakistan Army Colonel Arrested for Extorting Millions

In another case of impersonation, a man claiming to be a colonel was apprehended in Karachi on Tuesday. The fake colonel had successfully deceived multiple citizens, extracting millions of rupees from them through fraudulent means.

Rangers in Shah Faisal Colony arrested the impostor, who posed as a colonel from an intelligence agency to deceive citizens. The accused was found in possession of weapons and a fake card from an intelligence agency.

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This incident follows a similar case last year when Sindh police arrested a fake army major in Karachi’s Orangi Town area. The imposter, who identified himself as an army major, was driving a vehicle with a fraudulent Pakistan Army license plate.

Upon investigation, police discovered an army uniform, counterfeit stamps, and paperwork inside the suspect’s car.

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