Fake Policemen Rob Millions from Jhelum Property Dealer

Web DeskAugust 21, 2023
Fake Policemen Rob Millions from Jhelum Property Dealer

A significant robbery transpired in Jhelum recently, prompting local authorities to heighten their vigilance. The incident centered around a property dealer who became a target of armed robbers masquerading as police officers.

Imran Rafiq, the property dealer in question, was on his way from Rawalpindi to Sarai Alamgir near Jhelum when his vehicle was intercepted by two assailants posing as police officers. These criminals boldly absconded with an astonishing sum of Rs. 22.5 million, which had resulted from a recent property transaction. The robbers wielded firearms, rendering Rafiq defenseless.

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The Mangala police station in Jhelum swiftly filed a case, initiating an extensive search for the unidentified wrongdoers. Authorities are diligently investigating the incident, aiming to bring the culprits to justice and reclaim the stolen funds.

Interestingly, a parallel occurrence unfolded in Rawalpindi, where robbers pilfered jewelry and foreign currency valued at over Rs. 7 million. The Rawalpindi police have also launched an inquiry with the determination to capture the offenders and retrieve the looted valuables.

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