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Families of Army Martyrs Seek Justice for May 9 Incident

Families of Army Martyrs Seek Justice for May 9 Incident

As the nation commemorates the solemn anniversary of the May 9 tragedy, the families of the fallen martyrs continue to grapple with profound sorrow and a sense of injustice. One year since the heartbreaking events unfolded, their grief remains deeply felt, their tears serving as a poignant reminder of the enduring pain of loss.

In heartfelt expressions of love and remembrance, the families of the martyrs shared their sentiments, their voices heavy with emotion. “I am proud that Allah chose my son for martyrdom,” declared the mother of Captain Taha Hashmi Shaheed, her words reflecting the steadfast resolve and sacrifice embodied by her son.

Yet, alongside their pride, questions persist about the legacy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. “Did the sacrifices of these martyrs go unnoticed?” asked another grieving mother, her anguish mirrored by countless others who mourn the loss of their loved ones.

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For the families, the desecration of the memorials erected in honor of the fallen heroes on May 9 was an unforgivable act of disrespect. “The desecration of the memorials of the martyrs on May 9 was intolerable,” lamented the sister of Captain Mohammad Aqib Javed Shaheed, her pain evident in her words.

Demanding justice, the families urged the government to take prompt and decisive action against those responsible for the tragic events of May 9. “I appeal to the government to take strict action against those responsible for May 9,” pleaded Captain Mohammad Aqib Javed Shaheed’s sister, her plea echoing the sentiments of many.

The sense of betrayal felt by the families was profound, their trust shaken by the actions of those who dishonored the memory of their fallen heroes. “The tragedy that occurred on May 9 is highly condemnable,” declared the sister of Naik Islam Kashif Zuberi Shaheed, her words infused with disbelief and indignation.