Fans defend Sarwat Gillani’s maternity shoot, emphasizing it’s her personal choice amid needless trolling.

Web DeskDecember 25, 2023
Fans defend Sarwat Gillani's maternity shoot, emphasizing it's her personal choice amid needless trolling.

Actor Sarwat Gillani has recently faced criticism for her maternity photoshoot. The actor appeared on the cover of a local magazine showcasing her baby bump. Just days before going into labor, she shared this news with her followers and requested their prayers for a safe delivery.

Nevertheless, an individual (referred to as “X user”) posted images from her photoshoot, expressing disapproval of the perceived “vulgarity” associated with the current trend of maternity shoots, which, according to them, Pakistani celebrities are endorsing. The user shared their thoughts on a micro-blogging site, stating, “Ye hmaray so cold celebrities ne ajeeb besharmi phelai hui hai, banda pooche is ki zrurat kia hai” (these so-called celebrities of ours are spreading this vulgarity. Somebody needs to ask them what is the point of all this).

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Several individuals criticized the user for associating femininity and motherhood with vulgarity. Comedian and rapper Ali Gul Pir commented, “She seems happy, sad that it irks you.” Another person remarked, “Uska bacha uski marzi (her child, her choice).” Additionally, someone humorously quipped, “Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? This girl should’ve left her pregnant belly at home before coming out. I hope this doesn’t break the wuzu of our unadulterated Pakistani men.”
Anchor Absa Komal questioned, “How can pregnancy be shameful? How did you come into this world? Why does a joyfully glowing mother bother you? How miserable must one be to hate a content woman embracing herself? Low life!” Additionally, another user advised, “beta ap na dekho (child, look away),” and yet another questioned whether being pregnant was synonymous with being shameless or if Gillani was spreading nudity.


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