Fatal GT Road Accident in Rawalpindi Causes Traffic Disruption

Web DeskJuly 17, 2023

A tragic accident occurred earlier today on the GT Road in Rawalpindi, specifically on Swan Bridge, causing multiple fatalities and significant traffic disturbance. The incident involved a cement-loaded truck losing control and colliding with several cars, leading to one vehicle falling off the bridge and others being crushed. The authorities have taken measures to manage the chaos and congestion caused by the accident. This article provides an overview of the incident and its impact on traffic flow in the area.

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A devastating collision took place on Swan Bridge, GT Road, Rawalpindi, when a truck carrying cement bags lost control. The truck collided with multiple cars, resulting in one vehicle plunging into the ravine below, while the others suffered extensive damage due to the impact. Reports indicate that there have been several casualties and individuals critically injured as a result of the accident.

In response to the incident, the traffic police temporarily closed off Swan Bridge from both sides to prevent congestion and facilitate rescue efforts. Although the bridge has since been reopened, traffic movement, including inbound traffic from Bostan Road, Car Chowk, and High Court, is still affected due to the aftermath of the accident. Commuters are advised to plan their journeys accordingly, considering the current slow traffic conditions.

The closure of Swan Bridge has exacerbated the traffic situation on GT Road. According to a recent tweet, traffic bound for DHA 1 and 2 is facing difficulties as a portion of the bridge has sustained damage and cannot support heavy traffic. The tweet, quoting a traffic warden, does not specify when or if the road will be reopened. Videos circulating on social media depict frustrated motorists stuck in traffic, expressing their discontent with the situation. One motorist shared their experience of having to make a U-turn from Sawan Bridge due to the congestion, which took nearly 50 minutes to accomplish, covering a distance of less than a kilometer from Defense Chowk.

The local administration has faced criticism on social media for their perceived lack of urgency in resolving the traffic disruption caused by the accident. The public has expressed their dissatisfaction with the delays and has called for swift action to alleviate the traffic congestion and restore normalcy to the affected areas.

The tragic accident on GT Road, Rawalpindi, resulting in multiple deaths and critical injuries, has not only caused immense loss but has also disrupted traffic flow in the area. The closure of Swan Bridge has added to the traffic challenges, leading to frustrations among commuters. The authorities are working to address the situation and restore normal traffic conditions. Meanwhile, it is essential for the public to exercise patience and cooperate with the ongoing efforts to manage the aftermath of this unfortunate incident.

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