Fathers of Noor Mukadam and Sara Inam Advocate for Swift Justice in Press Conference

Web DeskSeptember 25, 2023

Islamabad, Pakistan – In a poignant and heartfelt plea for justice, the fathers of Noor Mukadam and Sara Inam recently convened a press conference in Islamabad, urging the Supreme Court of Pakistan to expedite the trials of their daughters’ cases and ensure timely justice.

The tragic and high-profile cases of Noor Mukadam and Sara Inam have gripped the nation, sparking outrage and demands for accountability. Both young women lost their lives in separate incidents that shook the collective conscience of the country.

During the press conference, Noor Mukadam’s father, with a heavy heart, remarked, “The courts will lose their credibility if such cases continue to remain pending in them.” He passionately emphasized the importance of swift trials and delivering justice in a timely manner, not only for the sake of the grieving families but also to maintain faith in the judicial system.

The families’ call for expedited justice has resonated with many who share their concerns about the prolonged legal proceedings in such critical cases. The tragic events have spurred nationwide conversations about the need for judicial reforms to ensure that justice is not just done but seen to be done swiftly.

As the nation watches and waits for developments in these cases, the pressing call for expedited trials underscores the importance of addressing legal delays and ensuring that justice is served promptly, upholding the credibility of the judicial system and providing closure to grieving families.

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